StatusBay is an open source tool that provides the missing visibility into the K8s deployment process

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Developer adoption with push notifications

StatusBay introduces the ability to send Slack notifications for a specific Deployment,Daemonset & Statefulset operations (Create/Update/Delete) on K8s.

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Custom integrations

StatusBay integrations bring the best of both deployment monitoring for your applications and real-time SLA monitoring for every level of your application deployment, into a single view. Think of it a bit like when all the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fight together vs Shredder: even more powerful together.

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Actionable failure reports

Use custom tailored or built-in error messages. Reduce the dependency on understanding K8s by displaying actionable errors which do not require context.

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Centralized view , for all clusters

View deployments from an application perspective in one centralized dashboard which are served from multiple clusters. Application perspective means that no more than 10 open tabs for troubleshooting, each application (i.e Helm chart) gets its own centralized view.